Exercise therapy

Below are some exercise therapy sessions created by the hospice Physiotherapy Team to help keep you strong and able as much as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: While exercise may feel like hard work it should never be painful or make you feel unwell.  If you feel any of these symptoms at any point during the exercises please stop. If these do not settle after a short period of time please seek medical help.

Chair based exercises

These exercises are designed to be completed while seated in a chair and is best suited for those requiring a lower level exercise plan or have balance issues when standing. Please join in as much as you can but if there is an exercise you cannot do safely or is painful, either pause or continue with an exercise you can manage.

Standing exercises for balance

These exercises are designed to be completed while standing and will challenge your balance and lower limb strength. Please make sure you use support for balance if needed such as a kitchen counter or sturdy chair.

Upper limb strengthening exercises

These exercises are designed to help maintain your upper limb strength which is important in keeping able to do activities of daily living, eg making a drink, brushing your teeth. Please make sure you are safe and comfortable and select the correct level of weight that is manageable but challenging.

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