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Helping you to live well

Following the need to suspend activity in Wellbeing in response to the initial pandemic, we are now opening up some clinical activity.  We will be working to ensure the best use of our building for the community as we plan further activities later in the year. We are planning to launch our Living Well Centre and will update you on further changes.

On this page, you will find some helpful videos and information to support symptom management. With the impact of COVID-19, we have tried to provide as many resources as possible to support the community while our Wellbeing building is closed. We understand this can be an isolating time and we are continually evaluating what we can do to provide more support directly in your home using technology.

You will find the following information on  this page:

  • Relaxation advice
  • Exercise therapy guidance
  • Managing breathlessness
  • Guided audio meditations

Please click the links below to access these pages

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Breathlessness management

Being breathless can be a very scary and tiring sensation and often we can get into a cycle of panicking which makes us more breathless and fatigued.

We've created a series of resources to help guide you to finding better ways of managing these symptoms

Exercise therapy

Living with a palliative/long term condition often leads to a reduction in functional ability and moving less.

It is easy for mobility and strength to become affected which in turn has a large impact on your quality of life and ability to do activities of daily living.

Exercise therapy is vitally important to keep you independent and we have created some generic exercise therapy sessions to help keep you strong and able as much as possible

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Complementary therapy and relaxation

Complementary therapy and relaxation are very helpful in managing a number of symptoms.

These can include anxiety, pain, insomnia, and breathlessness as well as promoting general wellbeing

Guided audio meditations

Simple guided meditations to help you relax and relieve anxiety

You can listen to these anywhere, but you may find headphones are useful to block out any unwanted noise.

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