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Leaving St Wilfrid's a gift in your will is a lasting way to support patients in need. During your lifetime it costs nothing but can change lives for the better for years ahead.

The funds St Wilfrid’s receives from gifts in wills are a very special form of support and perhaps the most effective way anyone can help us.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to St Wilfrid’s, or would like more information, please contact Rozelyn Bristowe, Donor Development Manager, on 01323 434214 or email rozelyn.bristowe@stwhospice.org

Make a Will Month runs throughout September. If you would like to find a list of participating solicitors, click here.

Some regularly asked questions:

What do I need to know if I want to leave a gift in my will?

Legacy giving is really important to St Wilfrid’s. After you have remembered those you love and you decide to leave a gift in your will to support the work of St Wilfrid’s, ensure that any gift you make is secure, so please include the following information in your will:

Our correct legal name: St Wilfrid’s Hospice (Eastbourne)
Our address: 1 Broadwater Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 9PZ
Our registered charity number: 283686

We recommend you use a solicitor or qualified will writer, who will be able to include this information alongside the type and amount of your bequest to us. While St Wilfrid's Hospice does not recommend a particular firm, we do recommend that you contact a professional adviser to write your will.This ensures not only that your estate is distributed as you would wish, but also that you have minimised your taxable contribution, leaving more for those you care about and good causes.

What sort of gift can I leave in my will?

A donation to St Wilfrid’s in your will is a great way to leave something behind to help secure our future. Whether you can afford to give a little or a lot, your donation will help us to keep on giving life-changing hospice care to people in our catchment area. It’s likely to be the biggest gift you can make to us, but it doesn’t cost you anything now.

Type of gifts:

  • A gift of an object or contents of a property
  • A gift of a specific sum of money (this is also known as a pecuniary legacy)
  • Leaving a share of the rest of your estate once you have remembered the needs of those you have loved and supported you in your lifetime (also known as a residual legacy)
Making a will is the best way of making provision for your loved ones and ensuring that the causes you care about are remembered too.
Does St Wilfrid’s have a will-writing scheme to assist me?

Every September we run Make a Will Month, which offers free services of a local solicitor to write or amend your will. There is a large group of solicitors offering their services free in return for writing your will and they only ask you to make a donation to St Wilfrid’s for the service. This gives you the chance to make that all-important gift to the patients here at the hospice for the future.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a Will online - we have a step-by-step process you can follow here with Make a Will Online

What difference can a gift make to the patients at St Wilfrid’s?

Leaving a charitable legacy in your will to St Wilfrid’s not only provides personal comfort, but it supports everything the hospice does. Gifts in wills come in all sizes, but whatever the amount, each gift will make a very real, positive difference to the lives of patients and their families.We recently received a legacy gift of £50,820, which we used to care for people in many ways.

This £50,820 gift supported:

  • One day’s care for the entire Inpatient Unit.
  • Our bereavement services.
  • Our services for one week in Wellbeing.
  • 100 hours of vital physiotherapy care for our patients.
  • A week of support from our Hospice at Home team, who travel across our entire catchment area and care for patients in their own homes.
If I am an executor of a will, is there any help I can get to support me?
If you are administering an estate in which a gift has been left to St Wilfrid’s, then please contact Rozelyn Bristowe, our Donor Development Manager, on 01323 434214 or rozelyn.bristowe@stwhospice.org.
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