Complementary therapy

Our complementary therapy team consist of a mix of staff and volunteers, who provide care and treatment in our hospice and around our community.

The complementary therapy service offers a variety of treatments as part of the holistic care available at St Wilfrid's. Therapies on offer include massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki.


Gentle touch to relax the soft tissues in the body and promote a feeling of physical harmony.


Use of natural essential oils, with or without massage, for their therapeutic properties.


A balancing treatment worked on either hands or feet. It is based on the principle that the hands/feet contain points which correspond to all parts of the body.


A hands-on treatment that can help balance and centre the mind, body and spirit, originating from Japan. Reiki is a term which means 'universal life energy'.

The aim of the sessions is to assist relaxation and promote a sense of wellbeing which can then help the patient to cope physically and emotionally. Treatments also aid in reducing anxiety, pain, breathlessness, general stress and nausea. It can also aid sleep.

Complementary Therapists facing camera
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