Social work and family support

When somebody is seriously ill, family and friends are affected, too

Illness can mean many things: it may mean that all your normal routines and ways of doing things have to change. It may also mean that you and your family are struggling with some difficult emotions. You or your partner may be finding it hard to adjust to the effects the illness may be having on your life, intimacy and relationships.

We are able to offer emotional and practical support

Our hospice Social Workers, Michael Geary, and Sophie Bishop have specialist knowledge about the kind of issues that may arise for you and your family and will work with you all to help you prepare and adjust. They can help your family to talk about difficult issues, refer you for additional local help and advice, including welfare advice, talk to external agencies on your behalf and offer support for families with children and vulnerable adults. They can also help you manage your situation if you have no next of kin.

You can contact Michael on 01323 434267, or Sophie on 01323 434285 or can ask another member of the team to refer you to her.

Our hospice Counselling Services Lead, Ella Williams, can offer counselling support for both you and your family. Talking through what is going on for you and how you feel about the many changes your illness has brought about, with someone outside your family and friends, can sometimes strengthen your resilience. Ella can meet individually with you or your family member. She can meet with your family as a group to facilitate conversations. She also works with children or can give parents advice.

You can contact Ella on 01323 434257 or can ask another member of the team to refer you to her.

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