Ways to remember

There are many different ways to remember a loved one and help forge a lasting memory. We've listed them hereRead more

Practical advice

The death of someone close to you may be devastating. Getting help and support is key to looking after yourself and beginning to healRead more

Groups for the bereaved

Some people find groups more helpful than one-to-one support. We offer a number of groups to bereaved family members and friendsRead more

Bereavement support for children

Children are vulnerable both before and after bereavement and may need special help. We're here to provide that and help youRead more

Who can use the service and what we offer

Looking to access our bereavement service? Find out who can use it and how to contact our teamRead more

Helping children who know someone with a terminal illness

We can talk through worries and concerns regarding your children with you and help you support your childrenRead more

One to one bereavement support

Helping you to explore your emotions at what may be a turbulent and confusing time, our counselling team are there for youRead more

Children's Workbooks

You may have a family member who is very ill or someone close to you may have died. These workbooks are here to helpRead more

Other sources of support available

Other sources of support available locally and nationally for bereaved adults and childrenRead more