Guidance on visiting the hospice

Updated 22nd April 2022

The safety and welfare of our patients, their families, and our workforce is our number one priority. We continue to work with a high number of patients who are extremely clinically vulnerable. We continue to ensure we allow visiting on our Inpatient Unit in a safe and compassionate way.

Key Principles

There are no restricted hours of visiting.  However, to ensure adequate rest for patients, overnight visiting (22:00 – 06:00) should only take place where agreed with the hospice as part of an individualised care plan.

  • While the hospice will not restrict numbers of visitors, it is recommended to have no more than two visitors at any time in the patient’s bedroom to reduce risk of infection and aid delivery of care.
  • Visitors must comply with any infection control measures in place to ensure safety, including regular handwashing. This may include wearing of face masks if respiratory or airborne infection transmissions are high in the local community.
  • If visitors are displaying signs of infection, they should not visit until symptoms stop.  This includes the following:
      • Fever or temperature
      • Diarrhoea or vomiting
      • Unexplained rash
      • Respiratory symptom such as coughing or sneezing
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hospice building at any time.
  • Visitors must not bring into the hospice, nor use, any illicit or illegal substances. If these are identified the police will be involved.
  • Visitors should always respect the privacy and dignity of all patients.  Any aggression will not be tolerated, and the visitor may be asked to leave, or the police involved.
  • Alcohol may be consumed in moderate quantity, but appropriate behaviour must be maintained at all times.  The hospice retains the right to ask individuals under the influence of alcohol who are displaying inappropriate behaviour to leave the building.
  • Overnight visiting is permitted only with prior agreement. This will be assessed on an individual basis as part of the patient’s care plan.
  • Any overnight visitors (22:00 to 06:00) must agree to their name being held on a log form to ensure the hospice knows who is in the building overnight.
  • The hospice will ensure any measures directed by national or local guidance are implemented in the required timeframe.  These changes will be communicated on the hospice website and through written and verbal information.
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Thank you to everyone who supports the hospice. We could not run our services without you!

David Scott-Ralphs, CEO

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