Services and treatments to aid your independence and wellbeing

You might need help managing a physical problem like pain, breathlessness, tiredness or lack of appetite, or with dealing with fears, or family or financial worries.

The professional and friendly hospice team will address these issues through options such as a physio-led gym, Fatigue and Breathlessness clinic and a range of treatments, therapies and advice.

What happens if I'm referred?

Once you're referred to our Wellbeing Centre, you will be allocated a keyworker. This keyworker meets with you to assess your needs and plan a tailored programme, which will be regularly reviewed. Following an initial period of eight weeks, you may be directed to a different service within the centre, or discharged.

Want to call directly?

You can call our Nurse Line at 01323 434222 for more information and advice on our Wellbeing courses. You can also contact us via contact form