Show your customers and clients that your business is dedicated to helping your community.

There are many ways your business can get involved in supporting St Wilfrid's Hospice. 

Fundraising ideas for the workplace
Do something teariffic and bring staff, clients and customers together for a tea party or coffee and cake morning. You could order one of our 'Care for a Cuppa' fundraising packs to assist you with the organisation of your event! Source prizes from other local companies and hold a raffle for our hospice. Auction off a member of your senior management to undertake a challenge: the highest bidder gets to decide what they do! You'll find more ideas for events and fundraisers you can hold within the workplace by downloading our 'How your business can help' booklet.
Events participation
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Join one of our hospice events; these offer a fantastic opportunity for you to support us whilst enjoying time with your colleagues or clients away from the office. Individual members of staff or even your whole team could get sponsored to take part.
Events sponsorship
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Sponsoring one of our hospice events will provide you a fantastic PR and marketing opportunity whilst you demonstrate social responsibility within your community. There are currently two sponsorship opportunities available: Lights of Love 2017, and our Pancake Race, which will be held in February 2018.
Matched giving
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Matched giving is a fantastic way to inspire your employees. The concept is simple: you match whatever they raise, boosting their morale by showing them that you support what they care about. Matched giving is a joint donation by staff and company: employees make an individual donation, either a percentage of their salary of a variable amount, and the company matches it, pound for pound. The amount you match is flexible and can be capped per person.
Cause-related marketing
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Our local business partners have used various incentives to help raise money for St Wilfrid's Hospice. An estate agent donates £50 for every instruction in our catchment area. A local restaurant has an optional £1 donation on their Sunday roasts. A shop has a raffle that runs alongside their collection box. For each 'gold coin' donation, the customer is entered in the draw to win a prize. Internet shopping donation schemes: customers buying products online can reduce your outgoings. You could therefore advertise on your website that a percentage of all online sales will be donated to St Wilfrid's.
Payroll giving
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By donating a small amount each month from your pay cheque, you will not only help others, but will also be giving in a tax efficient way. Payroll giving allows employees to donate straight from their gross salary to our hospice. Your employees will be given the option to opt in and donate anything from £1 a month: it soon adds up! If 100 of your employees pledge £10 per month , St Wilfrid's Hospice will receive £12,000 a year. This would sponsor a community nurse for three months.
Collection goblets
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Display a collection goblet by your till for customers, or in your office or staff room for employees. We have dedicated goblet collection volunteers who will collect and replace your goblet when it is full.