Our vision is to provide you and support you with many ways in which to remember the person you loved. We organise some opportunities which we have listed below but we can also offer you assistance in organising something for yourself. Recently, one bereaved relative held a remembrance event in his living room, inspired by an event at the hospice. Could that be you? We can help with religious and non-religious ways of remembering. Contact David Knight, Spiritual Support Lead, for advice on 01323 434244.

  • Time to Remember -  We hold these events four times a year in the hospice and you will be invited to one. The invitation will reach you between 7 and 9 months from the start of your bereavement. If you’d like to attend, you’ll find a warm and welcoming opportunity to remember, with an opportunity to light candles and refreshments following.
  • Lights of Love -  These are our largest public remembrance gatherings and we organise them across our catchment area at the beginning of the Christmas season each year. They are open to anyone in our community (not only our hospice families) who would like to attend and remember a loved one. The music and readings are designed to be accessible whatever your beliefs.
  • Starlight Stroll -  This 4 or 6 mile walk takes place every September along Eastbourne’s Seafront, starting not long before sunset and ending with everyone walking under the stars. Hundreds of walkers take to the promenade with glowing lanterns to reflect on treasured memories of their loved ones, making their way to the picturesque Italian Gardens.
  • Memory Tree -   The beautiful, hand-sculpted Memory Tree in the central Street area of the hospice has been created for us so that supporters, friends and family can dedicate one of the 450 leaves on the tree to a loved one.