Guidance on visitor restrictions - Updated 5th October 2020

The safety and welfare of our patients, their families and our workforce is our number one priority. We continue to work with a high number of patients who are extremely clinically vulnerable, including some with coronavirus. As part of our robust plan and procedures to reduce risk of infection and transmission, it is necessary to impose restrictions on visitor access to the hospice at this time. We are currently only allowing restricted visiting patients in our Inpatient Unit.

Key Principles

The key aspects of our current visiting policy are:-

  • On admission, patients will be asked to nominate up to two individuals whom they would like to visit them.
  • The names of these individuals can be changed during a patient’s stay in agreement with the clinical team.
  • Only one visit a day will be allowed per nominated person. However, visiting times remain flexible and there is no restriction on how long someone may visit.
  • Visitors will be asked to apply hand sanitiser on arrival, to confirm they do not have any infectious symptoms and they will be given instructions on wearing and taking off personal protective equipment (PPE). They will be asked to sign a risk assessment and to provide their name, contact number and who they are visiting. Anyone who is not on the list of nominated individuals will not be allowed to visit.
  • At the first visit, Visitors will be escorted to the patient’s room and on entering and leaving must wash their hands thoroughly. They must keep wearing PPE for the whole time they are with the patient.
  • Visitors will be restricted to the patient’s bedroom or the garden immediately outside the patient’s bedroom during their visit.
  • Visitors should not sit on the patient’s bed and should minimise the time spent within 2 metres.
  • All personal belongings should be left in the car or with the Host at the hospice Welcome Point.
  • Any gifts or food for the patient must be discussed in advance with the nursing team.  They should be in packaging which allows for wiping with sanitiser. 

Visiting Covid-19 Positive or Suspected Patients

Anyone visiting patients in isolation due to a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis will be escorted to the patient’s room and a Nurse will check that PPE is being worn properly. 

Time spent within 2 metres must be absolutely minimised.

At the end of the visit, a nurse must be summoned by using the call bell, so that the taking off of PPE can be properly supervised.

Following the visit, each visitor will be advised that when they return home they should remove any clothing worn during the visit and wash it separately from any other clothing.

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