Bridge over troubled water

Welcome to our Time to Remember online reflection. 

For the time being, we were unable to welcome you to the hospice for our Time to Remember event.

Instead, you are invited to watch this film, featuring music, readings, and time to remember your loved ones. You might like to have a candle to hand that you will be invited to light as you watch the film. It might also be helpful to have a photograph or symbol of your loved one close by.

Because this Time to Remember is online, you and your family and friends can watch and share in this together especially as for now so many of us are separated owing to the pandemic.

Sharing the experience of grief with others who are on a similar journey can offer support and hope.

We hope that these words about how our loved ones leave a lasting imprint on our lives will provide some comfort.

The event is suitable for everyone regardless of any faith or religious practice. Everyone is welcome no matter how long ago your loved one died.

Please click through the videos below taking your time and space to reflect as you go.

Time to Remember - Welcome

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkle

Time to Remember - Candle lighting

Candle reflection - Paul Alexander

Time to Remember - closing remarks