On 14th November, 33 intrepid travellers will be setting off on the challenge of a lifetime trekking for three days across parts of the Sahara Desert; all to raise money to provide more hospice care, this year and beyond.

Meet some of our heroic trekkers below and find out what is motivating them to  take on this brave and exciting challenge, and you can even donate to their individual pages to help them raise the sponsorship money they need!


“I am doing the trek obviously to help raise extra funds for the hospice but also to experience the challenges of trekking in the Sahara and to sleep under the stars with no light pollution. My sadly departed father was in the Sahara when he was in the RAF, on the back of a camel, will be great to be somewhere he went all those years ago."


“I have joined the Sahara Trek because I have lost friends and family to cancer, and I personally was fortunate to be given the all clear to cancer last year. St Wilfrid's give such amazing support to people and their families when they need it the most, so I would like to help in this way.”


“I am a survivor of PTSD and this is a worthwhile challenge for me. I also like building sand castles!”


“I’m taking on this trek challenge to give back a little to the incredible hospice and it’s staff who all work tirelessly to care for and support patients in our community. I have to say I’m looking forward to it with nervous excitement as who knows how I will cope with walking in the heat!! Bring it on!”





“I’m taking part in the trek because for a personal challenge as I have not done anything like this before. It will be quite a test coping with the heat of the day -as a 57 year old lady I soon get hot anyway. It's a great opportunity to support St. Wilfrid's and my way of giving that bit extra. My own mum received hospice care in Yorkshire in her final days in August. This was a great comfort to me and my family. This money will help fund St. Wilfrid's hospice care.”


“I’m doing this trek to honor my Mum and Dad who were pioneers in the late 60s, when they went to set up a business and start a new life in the Middle East.  My parents were amazingly courageous, inspirational and generous people.  They both started from very small beginnings, but ended as worldly, wise and naturally inclusive people.  My Mum especially was always interested in other cultures and passed that on to me.  I miss and love them immeasurably, and hope that this trip can help others through the Hospice and kindle the beginnings of more adventures in my life.”


“My reasons for doing the Trek are that I have worked at the Hospice for many years and it is very close to my heart. I lost my son in tragic circumstances and the hospice have supported me every step of the way enabling me to continue working at a time when I could easily have given up. So I want to give something back to say thank you to everyone and what better way than to challenge myself with the Sahara Trek and raise a lot of money for the hospice. It is also my sons 10th anniversary this year and I am walking in his memory.”


“Doing the Trek is the biggest Challenge I will ever do, I’m looking forward to sleeping under the stars, but the most challenging will be walking in 40c heat and sun, but I’m looking forward to the challenge as part of the team. Having been lucky to work at St Wilfrids for nearly 15yrs I know how much we rely on fundraising and I hope by doing the Trek we  will raise the profile to help keep the Hospice running for many years.”


“My reason for going on the Sahara trek, is because I support the work of the hospice and not only will I enjoy the challenge and enjoy making a financial contribution to the charity, but hopefully the publicity will help increase awareness of an amazing organisation”.


“I want to have some memorable experiences this year as I am 60. I also want to help raise money for St Wilfrid’s in memory of my mum. Ivy Elsey. The hospice supported her, and the nurse line supported me, day and night at the time we both needed it most.”


“I’m taking part in this years trek in the Sahara as for me it will be a real challenge as I hate extreme heat and drive everywhere! I am doing this because I want to give something back to the Hospice for the amazing care they have provided for both my parents within the last 12 months.”


“I'm taking part in the trek to raise money for the hospice and the amazing work we do. I have been privileged to help so many families at this very difficult time and want to carry on helping more people.”




“I'm doing this trek for everyone who has been through the terrible trauma of loosing a loved one to cancer. St Wilfrid's helps so many souls, one of them was one of my dancers, Miranda”.


“I’ve taken part in this challenge for a few reasons, the first and most important part is that my mum spent nearly three months at St Wilfrid’s before her departure from this world, the support and care they provided to her and our family was second to none so this is me giving something back to support the hospice. Secondly I love a challenge and what better challenge than trekking the Sahara Desert, I can’t wait although the hardest part of this challenge, for me, would have to be the lack of home comforts such as showers, toilets and a bed but I will take this all in my stride!”


“St Wilfrid's were an amazing support to our family when my husband Shaun was diagnosed with cancer in March 2010; living a busy life with our young children we had never imagined needing the services of a hospice. I’m not known for my love of basic camping or exercise but I’m determined to give the Sahara Trek my all, to raise much needed funds in memory of Shaun and in recognition of the outstanding care and support we were shown by the hospice, allowing us to spend those precious last weeks as a family.”


“I’m doing this as it will be a complete challenge and achievement for me, but also to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Eastbourne. This is an amazing organisation that has supported my family for the last few years when my Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer – from the fabulous nursing care given to Linda, to the continued bereavement support. I want to help raise funds to enable more families to receive the tremendous support offered by such a wonderful charity - trekking the Sahara is the least I can do!"

 James Robinson  avatar  


“Along with my cousin, Clare, I’m taking on this challenge, because of the amazing organisation that supported my family and cared for my Aunt (Clare’s Mum) over the past few years whilst she was living with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. From the fabulous nursing care given to Linda, to the continued bereavement support offered to the family afterwards; we were all very supported. I want to help raise funds to enable more families to receive the tremendous support offered by such a wonderful charity. Trekking the Sahara is the least we can do to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Eastbourne.”


“This challenge is the only way I can say thank you for the amazing work that St Wilfrid's Hospice does for the community. It is also a good reason for me to challenge myself and get fit and healthy with the training needed to carry out the trek!”


"I am doing this mad trek to raise money for St Wilfred’s Hospice. I will be experiencing extreme temperatures and terrain for three days and nights. If you would like to donate to this amazing charity I would be very grateful as this charity looks after so many people who are struck down with this terrible disease and also their families. They only receive thirty percent NHS funding, anything you can spare to help would be amazing."