We’re all looking for ways to connect with our friends and family at the moment, and hosting a Virtual Quiz for St Wilfrid’s Hospice is a fantastic way to spend time with your loved ones from afar. We have some amazing pre-written quizzes ready to download, with something for everyone. Gather your family and friends together via video chat and get quizzy!

How to host your virtual quiz:

Step One: Choose a time and a date to host your quiz – try and think about when would best suit your family and friends.

Step Two: Decide which video calling platform to use. Zoom can be great if you’re expecting lots of guests but you can also use the Facebook or Whatsapp video chat functions. You could even host the Quiz on Facebook Live!

Step Three: Create a JustGiving page for your Quiz so your participants can donate their ‘entry fee’ - you can set your page up on www.justgiving.com

Step Four: Invite your participants! Let them know:

  • the date and time of your quiz
  • how to take part (ie which video calling platform you’ll be using and if they need to download any apps beforehand)
  • what they’ll need to take part (usually just a pen and paper)
  • the ‘entry fee’ (we would suggest £3 per person)how to donate (provide your JustGiving page link)
  • You can invite people over the phone or even create a Facebook event page and invite everyone that way.

Choose a quiz

Click the title buttons to download your chosen quiz and have fun! 

The BIG Quiz

The ultimate general knowledge quiz! Ten of your favourite traditional quiz rounds, some with a twist… Blow away the cobwebs and get those cogs turning.

The 90’s/00’s Quiz

The 1990s and 2000s are back in a big way and this nostalgic quiz is the perfect way to reminisce! Dust off your Pogs collection, don your best plaid shirt and charge up your Tamagotchi - it’s time to put your memory to the test!

The Back to School Quiz

The perfect educational quiz for adults and kids to go head to head! With questions ranging from Key Stage 2 to GCSE level and lots more in between, this quiz will definitely teach kids a few things…and maybe the adults too!

Disney Quiz

For little and big kids alike! Disney is well-loved by generations and this quiz spans the whole of Disney history - from Snow White to Moana, Toy Story to Hocus Pocus and more!