Jail and Bail will see a number of community leaders and well-known figures spending time behind bars (for entirely fictitious crimes!) down in the dark, damp basement of Eastbourne’s Historic Wish Tower. 

The prisoner’s only hope of freedom lies in raising £1,000 in bail money with the help of their connections, friends, family and - most importantly - the public! All funds raised are in support of St Wilfrid’s vital work.

This nefarious crew will have from between now to the date of their court trial - which has been confirmed for the 20th March at the Wish Tower - to deliver the bond, or else face a lengthy prison stay!

Alan Breeze, Director of Breeze & Associates and Trustee of St Wilfrid’s Hospice, is charged with cracking too many one-liners! Whilst Alan protested that his jokes lighten the mood and bring fun to every working day, his colleagues decided it was time to take legal action. An anonymous source told us ‘It’s not that the jokes aren’t funny, it’s just the sheer number of them - we had no choice, we had to turn him in'

Please dig deep and donate towards Alan’s £1,000 bail bond - all funds raised from will go towards supporting St Wilfrid’s vital work in the local community.

Click to help Alan via his Just Giving page here