The final reprobate to spend time in jail for local hospice care is Councillor Tony Freebody, Conservative Opposition Leader for Eastbourne Borough Council!

When Tony isn’t attending to his duties within local politics, he enjoys Tweeting, cycling long distances and running long distances.

Since catching the running bug, Tony has become such an enthusiast for the hobby that he blogs about it, Tweets about it, and competes in local events, such as the famous Eastbourne Half Marathon; he even completed a 50-mile ultramarathon last year - we feel tired just thinking about it!

However, it appears that Tony can sometimes be a little too evangelical about his favourite hobby, as in December last year he was convicted on three counts of ‘living up to the stereotype of the “annoying runner.”’

Included amongst Freebody’s misdemeanours are his repeated assertions that he is ‘a runner, not a jogger, using the phrase ‘easy 20-miler’ (there is no such thing) and a string of increasingly smug tweets on such topics as waking up at 4am, spirulina and how he really ‘struggled’ to run that last 15 miles.

Freebody pleads guilty to all charges, with the addendum that his recent slew of social media posts around running were intended to be ‘inspirational,’ not ‘annoying’ and that he felt it was important for the judge to know he had recently achieved a PR (personal record).

The one thing Freebody can’t run from is his impending prison sentence in the cells of Eastbourne’s Redoubt Fortress. He has been informed that wearing shorts over running tights, fluorescent shoes and GoPros will be strictly prohibited.

You can free Tony at