Joining this year’s frightful felons behind bars is none other than local actor, model and streamer, Jon Campling, Jon is known by Potter fans worldwide as the Death Eater who stopped the Hogwarts Express, and by gamers as King Regis in Final Fantasy XV.

From film and theatre to music videos and commercials - including Budweiser, Trent Reznor, Ted Baker, The Festival, Elbow, Specsavers, Ford and most recently Samsung - Jon is well-known for his fab acting - and even fabber hair!

Though Jon has only been an Eastbournian for two years, he’s not short on community spirit; he was responsible for crowdfunding a local (Little Chelsea) Theatre production's New York transfer, and when asked about his part in Jail and Bail, he said: ‘I’m very proud to be able to help St Wilfrid’s Hospice and their amazing work, which will help more people to benefit from its vital end of life care.’

As a Death Eater in the final two Harry Potter films (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Jon became known for his part in a now-iconic scene, where he leads a group of fellow Death Eaters onto the Hogwarts Express in search of Luna Lovegood.

And Jon has adopted his character so convincingly, he’s since been unable to let go of Harry Potter’s immersive wizarding world…

Dressed in full Death Eater costume, Jon has been sighted roaming the streets of Eastbourne, stopping oncoming buses in an attempt to discover Luna’s whereabouts.

Several pub landlords on South Street have reported that Jon tried ordering a pint of Butterbeer - a drink that Hogwart’s students would often buy when visiting Hogsmeade - before angrily storming out, shouting ‘I could always get it at the Three Broomsticks!’

Whilst some spectators can’t help but admire his commitment to character, hard-core Harry Potter fans are beginning to fear that you-know-who could be lurking nearby.

Their fears were only compounded when a broomstick was found abandoned at Beachy Head; we can only assume that Jon was trying to locate his Dark Lord’s boot Portkey, which famously featured on-screen at the location in 2004’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Jon believes his sentencing will be playing out in Azkaban: the infamous prison for wizarding criminals. In fact, his fate will be decided alongside the 10 other convicts at Eastbourne’s Redoubt Fortress.

We can confirm that measures have been put in place to confiscate Jon’s wands (and Jonds) before entering his prison cell, and ‘apparating’ outside of its walls will be forbidden. Without magic behind him, Jon is going to need your help to gain his freedom!

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