The latest highly-dangerous fugitive going to jail for St Wilfrid’s is the CEO and Founder of Posturite Ltd., Ian Fletcher-Price, aka ‘Fletch.’

With more than 225 employees, Posturite is the UK’s largest ergonomics company. As an industry leader for the past 25 years, Posturite helps corporate Britain work in a healthier, happier and more productive environment!

Away from the office, Fletch is Chairman of Eastbourne Cricket Club, which provides cricket to the community for all ages and abilities. Its 1st team finished as runners-up in the County Premier League last year.

Fletch explains his reasons for taking part in Jail and Bail:

‘Sadly, several friends and family have benefitted from the wonderful facility that is St Wilfrid’s, and that is why this Jail and Bail campaign is important to get behind so that others may benefit.’

However, it appears that Fletch does not always abide by Posturite’s philosophy that ‘health matters;’ in July last year he was found guilty of several crimes against the laws of ergonomics.

Details of the case are still shaky, but one employee - who chose to remain anonymous - decided to come forward with their take on events:

‘I was working late one night and I saw Fletch at his desk - which, of course, was not out of the ordinary. What caught my eye is that he seemed to be sitting - or, slouching, rather - on a bean bag.

‘I also noticed that his keyboard and mouse - neither of which were ergonomic - were positioned dangerously far away on the desk itself, which, as we all know, contribute to muscle tension and fatigue in the neck, upper back, shoulders and arms. If he carries on at this rate, he’ll get dreadful carpal tunnel syndrome.’

And the evidence only continues to mount, as in August of the same year, Fletch was convicted on two counts of ‘text neck’ and on three counts of hunching his shoulders with impunity.

Ironically, Fletch’s sentence in the Redoubt’s 200-year-old prison cells looks likely to provide more comfort than his current desk setup.

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