The latest prisoner to join our grisly gang of lapsed community leaders and well-known local figures has been confirmed as the Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, Councillor David Tutt!

According to the council’s website, as Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, David is responsible for providing ‘strategic direction.’ His projects include supporting the delivery of the highly-anticipated extension to Eastbourne’s Arndale Centre and working to make the A27 between Lewes and Polegate a dual carriageway; here’s hoping he has a sound strategy for escaping his prison cell!

In his role, David also meets with many voluntary organisations. One of which is St Wilfrid’s, which he singled out for its ‘Friendly, welcoming environment and positive outlook. He is pleased to help their fundraising activities and would welcome any contributions to “set him free” and help the hospice.’

Sadly, David’s unblemished record as town councillor is now being called into question, as in December of last year, Tutt was convicted on three counts of ‘strategic misdirection.’

As the first recorded instance of ‘strategic misdirection’ in UK legal history, the case promises to be a landmark one.

Details of the case are still emerging, but our reporter confirmed the authorities were first alerted to Tutt’s activities in September 2018, when he proposed further extending the Arndale Centre to make way for a helipad and water slide.

A formal arrest was then made in December 2018 after Tutt’s blueprints - which detailed his plans to turn the A27 into a giant ring road - were leaked to the press.

Tutt is now awaiting trial and bail has been set at £1,000. We propose that a wise strategy to gain his freedom could be requesting that his friends, family and the general public put up the money for his release.

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