Paint the town red for St Wilfrid’s! 

  • Show your support and wear a ruby badge (available in our shops.) Donors to our Ruby Appeal will also receive an exclusive Ruby Supporters pin)
  • Hold a ruby-themed tea or dinner party and serve ruby-red drinks and food… Think tomatoes, berries, chillies, peppers, red meat, red wine… maybe some red velvet cake?!
  • Organise a red wine or pink gin tasting
  • Plant a red rose in your garden
  • For the week of the beginning the 25th October 2021 we will be asking everyone to turn their town red in support of St Wilfrid’s by wearing red,  (St Wilfrid’s ruby badge and exclusive ruby T-shirts will be on sale) or turn their home, shop, or workplace red for St Wilfrid’s.
  • Join our exclusive Ruby Banquet in November 2021.
  • Organise your own ruby-themed event