Paint the town red for St Wilfrid’s! 

  • Show your support and wear a ruby badge (available in our shops.) Donors to our Ruby Appeal will also receive an exclusive Ruby Supporters pin)
  • Hold a ruby-themed tea or dinner party and serve ruby-red drinks and food… Think tomatoes, berries, chillies, peppers, red meat, red wine… maybe some red velvet cake?!
  • Organise a red wine or pink gin tasting
  • Plant a red rose in your garden
  • For the month of October we will be asking everyone to turn their town red in support of St Wilfrid’s by wearing red,  (St Wilfrid’s ruby badge and exclusive ruby T-shirts will be on sale) or turn their home, shop, or workplace red for St Wilfrid’s.
  • Join our exclusive Ruby Banquet in November 2021.
  • Organise your own ruby-themed event