*physical timeline graphic displaying significant dates for hospice* [GRAPHIC]

*St Wilfrid’s Hospice: Built on memories 1983-2013* [PDF DOWNLOAD]

St Wilfrid’s Hospice has been providing care for more than 30 years, since it was opened to patients for day care in 1983. Beginning with a vision and the hard work of local medical professionals and stakeholders, we now run a facility with 20 bed capacity and over 100 clinical staff.

The support of our community has enabled us to grow and help people beyond our hospice and across East Sussex – wherever and however they may need to access our care.

Who set up the organisation and WHY? 

What are the major milestones / awards / achievements that prove your growth / impact?

Explain any name changes, briefly.

Who are the people (staff, supporters, celebrities, volunteers, clients...) who have made a significant impact and might inspire visitors to your site? 

Include pictures and/or videos where available, interesting and relevant. A visual timeline can be effective and inspiring (though keep in mind how well it will display on a mobile screen).