In Memory of

The death of a loved one can be very difficult. We hope that some comfort may be found knowing that they received the best possible care from the dedicated team of staff and volunteers here at St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

When someone dies, often their family and friends like to pay tribute to their lives and help those in need by doing something to benefit future patients and families by helping us provide specialist care and support.

Choices can be anything from a one-off donation, a regular gift, funeral donations, remembering them on our Memory Tree and many more ways.

With so many different ways in which you, your family and friends can support St Wilfrid’s Hospice we are here to help you if you need ideas or advice.

For more help please call Jenna Stringer on 01323 434216 or email [email protected]

Funeral Donations and Donations In Memory

Though Funeral Directors will forward to a family the names and value of donations from a funeral, St Wilfrid’s Hospice will not pass on the names or donation amounts of any donations given in memory to the Next of Kin or family member of the deceased.

Donations will only be acknowledged to the Next of Kin or family member when asked to do so in writing by the donor.

A Memorial Fund is set up internally for everyone that has passed away and any donations received for that individual will be included within this Memorial Fund, providing we have been notified.

The Next of Kin of the family member can request an overall total of how much has been received in the Memorial Fund, but a breakdown of these donations or donors is not possible due to Data Protection and GDPR.

The beautiful Memory Tree is on the wall in the central Street area of St Wilfrid’s Hospice for all visitors to view and enjoy.

The Memory Tree has been created so that supporters, visitors, friends and family can dedicate one of the 450 leaves on the tree to a loved one.

How do I add my leaf?

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Inscribing your loved one's name and your words, up to 28 characters, on a leaf of your choice, we will hang it on the tree for a year with the option to renew after that time. It may be a family member who died at the hospice or a friend who has had nothing to do with our care; they may have died recently or a long time ago. These leaves remain a wonderful tribute to those lives we want to remember and celebrate. You will be helping to raise money for the hospice, enabling us to help more patients and their families. We also have a printable form and an online form further down the page.

Terms and Conditions 

• Any donation for a leaf is in addition to any funds already received. We cannot backdate donations to purchase a leaf.
• There is a limit of 450 leaves on the Memory Tree at any one time. 
• In the event the tree is full at the time your form is received your leaf will be added when the next space becomes available. You will be notified in this event. 
• At the end of the 12 month period you will be contacted by the hospice fundraising team and offered the opportunity to renew your leaf for a further 12 month period. If you do not wish to renew your dedication, your leaf will be returned to you for you to keep. The period begins when your leaf is first displayed. 
• Leaves are Copper, Silver and Gold coloured and can hold up to 28 characters including spaces. 
• St Wilfrid’s Hospice reserves the right to refuse any application at its discretion. 
• In exceptional circumstances St Wilfrid’s Hospice reserves the right to move or relocate the Memory Tree to another appropriate site within the hospice premises. 
• St Wilfrid’s Hospice retains complete control over the location and dates of installation of all leaves on the Memory Tree. 
• The name engraved on your leaf will appear exactly as entered, so please check spelling carefully.