Download fundraising resources for Wilf Week

Below is a variety of downloadable assets to use in your fundraising.

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Fundraising pack

Full of inspiration, information and top tips for making the most of your fundraising during Wilf Week

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Template poster and flyers

With our charity branding, ready to personalise with your event or activity details.

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Sponsor forms

Ready to personalise with your event/activity.

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Print off, cut out and add string or ribbon.

Social Banner
Social Banner

Show your support with a social media banner.

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St Wilfrid's Hospice logo

Available to download to use on any promotional material for your event or activity.

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Sweepstake form

Sell all the numbered Doves on the form for £2.00 each, select a winning number for half the amount raised and donate the rest to St Wilfrid's.

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Beetle Drive

Play the iconic game and raise money. Print off all of the required materials here.

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Wilf week recipes

Cook up some delicious creations to help raise money for the hospice.

Thank you for helping us spread a little happiness for patients like Juliette, Debby and Kerry
Juliette Egypt
Virtual Trip to Egypt – Juliette’s Story

48 year old Juliette had been receiving support from St Wilfrid’s Hospice at home for about a year when she came to stay on the Inpatient Unit (IPU) for help managing her condition. The team knew she had big plans to experience as much of the world as possible, so took the opportunity to give her a taste of Egypt during her stay.

Person standing with a zimmer frame
Learning to walk again – Debby’s Story

After developing secondary cancer in her spine, 62 year old Debby from Eastbourne was left unable to walk or do anything independently. She was in pain, felt incredibly low and had started saying goodbye to her loved ones when St Wilfrid’s Hospice entered her life. A three week stay on the Inpatient Unit at the hospice has given Debby back some independence and a new zest for life.

3. Shawn And Kerry
Spending precious time together – Kerry’s story

For Kerry Knight, Thursday 9th June marks six years since her husband, Shawn, died of kidney cancer. Having been diagnosed only 14 months earlier, Shawn was cared for on the Inpatient Unit at St Wilfrid’s.

While Shawn was ill, Kerry expressed her thoughts and feelings through poetry writing, and has continued to channel her emotions in this way through her bereavement.

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