40 ways to join in and show your support

How about getting sponsored to take on a challenge with a 40 theme? Here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with to start you thinking, let us know what else you come up with!
Take on a sponsored challenge
  • Walk 40 miles (all at once, 1 mile a day for 40 days or 4 miles a day for 10 days)
  • Cycle 40 miles
  • Swim 40 lengths
  • 40 sit-ups a day (for 4 weeks or 40 days)
  • Give something up for 40 days
  • Do 40,000 steps in one day
  • Get a team together and take it in ‘shifts’ to do an activity, such as riding on an exercise bike, Zumba or gaming, for 40 straight hours.
  • Do an activity, such as reading (for kids) or a challenging exercise, for 40 minutes per day
  • Take on a personal challenge each month for the year: come up with a fresh challenge for each month and aim to raise £40 a month for the year
Organise a 40 themed event
  • First to 40: Invite friends and family to pay to take part in a tournament of your choosing e.g. fantasy football, shooting hoops, etc.). The first person to reach 40 points wins a prize or portion of the pot and the rest goes to St Wilfrid’s!
  • Invest £40 into your own fundraising idea, from baking materials for a bake sale to buckets and sponges for a car wash, and see how much you can make!
  • 80’s themed party: Celebrate our 40th anniversary in the style of the decade St Wilfrid’s opened by travelling back to the ’80s! Host a themed party with popular 80’s music, food, cocktails and fashion! Ask guests for a donation for attending, for drinks or even have pay-to-play 80’s games!
Use your skills and services to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s
  • Fitness/wellbeing: Host 40-minute classes
  • Artists: Create 40 pieces and sell them
  • Shops/Services: Hold a raffle with 40 tickets, £4/£40 tickets or even 40 prizes!
  • Cafés/Restaurants: Ask customers if they would like to donate 40p on top of their bill
  • Cooks: Create a paid-for page or book with 40 recipes, or a selection of 40-minute recipes
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