We need specialist equipment to give local patients support to do what they love – will you help us?

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With your support today, we can buy the equipment needed to help reduce our patients’ pain. Can you help us give them the strength, mobility and independence to do what they love, for as long as possible?

I’m Anna, a physiotherapist at St Wilfrid’s.

While the nurses look after our patients’ medical needs, I spend my time helping those in our care on their journeys to reach their goals – whatever they may be. For example, one patient wanted to be mobile enough to walk her dog, who was a very enthusiastic retriever! I needed to make sure she’d have the strength to walk him without being pulled over. Using our specialist equipment and rehabilitation exercises, we gave her this priceless moment of independence and normality.

At the start of this season of new beginnings, some of our equipment at St Wilfrid’s Hospice needs its own new beginning!

We need to replenish, replace and grow our stock of some of the critical items you see here on the right. I hope you can help because this equipment can make a huge difference to our patients’ lives. Especially when it’s used alongside physiotherapy.

As you will have gathered, our physiotherapy work differs from patient to patient but, ultimately, we make sure that no patient is alone and that their pain is controlled. And we use exercises and equipment to help them get out of their rooms and into activities they enjoy. This includes our very own activity group where patients can socialise, play board games and enjoy crafts. But to get involved, they need to feel strong enough and well enough. This is where the equipment comes in – and you!

By supporting the hospice again today, you could help us to buy some of the essential equipment on the right  Please know that this is far more than equipment. It’s a chance to enable local patients to live out the rest of their lives doing some of the things they love.

Thank you, so much, for anything you can give.

Anna Folwell,

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