Relaxation and complementary therapy are very helpful in managing a number of symptoms including anxiety, pain, insomnia, and breathlessness as well as promoting general wellbeing. Our team of complementary therapists have created some useful guidance on different relaxation techniques and there are audio versions you can download or videos you can follow depending on what you prefer.  We encourage you to find a quiet and calm space and get into a comfortable position to gain the most benefit. 

Centering and Grounding: 

This is a visualisation and meditation task that you can use to focus on yourself and the present and can be helpful for refocusing your energy when you are feeling anxious and stressed.

Relaxed breathing: 

This session focuses on relaxing your breathing

Guided visualisation

This session uses a short guided visualisation and is a favourite amongst our patients. It can be helpful for relaxation and distraction and beneficial for pain management and insomnia. If you like this video then have a look at the audio tracks you can download which are longer and can be used from your personal device anytime.

Audio files: 

You are welcome to download them to your personal device or simply stream them. If you have issues please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Please note these will open in another browser window.

Relaxation and Ocean visualisation

Relaxation and Meadow visualisation