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Children may have questions about the Coronavirus and so we thought we would share this useful resource with you

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Children and young people will inevitably be affected when someone in their family has a terminal illness. Diagnosis, treatment and living with illness can be a difficult and frightening time for any family. For families with young children or teenagers there can be additional concerns about how the children are reacting to the changes the illness is bringing into their lives.

We can support you and we can support your children. Please contact Ella Williams, Family Support Co-ordinator, on 01323 434257.

Often parents and carers are best placed to help their children. We can talk through worries and concerns regarding your children with you and help you support your children.

Depending on their age, children and young people will react differently. It can be helpful to have some understanding what might be going on for your child, whether your child is coping in an age appropriate way and how to best be with them. 

Some useful resources available with information regarding children and families where a family member has a terminal illness.

When a parent has cancer:

Hope Again:

We have a St Wilfrid’s workbook available for children and young people “Someone Special To Me Has A Very Serious Illness”.  The workbook can be completed by children and young people on their own or with a parent or carer. We may also use it in the context of the counselling we offer for children and young people. You can download a copy of the workbook here. Printed copies are available from a member of staff.

It may help the child or young person to talk to one of our counsellors. Regardless of whether their parent,  grandparent, another relative or friend is ill -  sharing thoughts and feelings about how the illness is affecting the family is often helpful. Activities such as photos, play therapy, creative writing and memory jars, can enable children of all ages to navigate what is going on for them.

For counselling support for your child or teenager or for support for yourself please contact Ella Williams, Family Support Co-ordinator, on 01323 434257.

For bereavement support for your child or young person please click  here.