• These booking terms and conditions apply to everyone who takes part in Bubble RushTM and those who attend as spectators.
  • These terms and conditions contain important information regarding participation and upon entry, you agree to and accept these terms and conditions.
  • All participants taking part in Bubble Rush do so at their own risk. In no event shall the organiser (charity), its suppliers and/or the venue be liable for any injuries, loss or damages whatsoever.
  • By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken by, or on behalf of, the organiser during the event to be used to publicise Bubble Rush / the charity. Should special dispensation be required, it is the responsibility of the participants to inform the organiser of such requirements.
  • If you would like to know more about how we store and use your data or to read our full Privacy Notice, please visit


  • Under 16s need to be accompanied around the course at all times by a responsible adult, who has also registered for and is participating in the event. One adult can accompany up to 3 children under 16.
  • The organiser reserves the right to alter the wave start times in the event – this will usually only be necessary if poor weather is forecast, or at the request of the venue. You will be notified by email with notification of any changes.
  • If we have to change the date of the advertised event due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. extreme weather or alterations by the venue, we will endeavour to rearrange the date and transfer your place to the new date. 
  • Should alterations to the planned activity be necessary to ensure the safety of our participants, we will give prior notice either before the event or on arrival to the event of any alterations made. This includes any changes to the start time and any additional wave start times.


  • The course is approximately 5km, made up of a single lap or two laps of 2.5k long. Details of the course will be provided in the Event Day information.
  • It is not a race and is a non-competitive, non-timed event. Participants can walk, jog or run and bypass obstacles/elements if necessary.
  • For your safety and enjoyment of the event, we ask that you follow and adhere to the instructions given by the event organisers and event marshals.
  • Please take care through the bubble stations. Be aware that ground conditions in and around the station can be muddy or slippery.  Be aware of other people around you, particularly children.  If you are taking part with a child please hold their hand through the bubbles.
  • If you are unable to complete the 5km route in full, you must inform an event marshal that you are unable to continue. In such circumstances, the event organiser recommends that where possible participants should walk with an acquaintance or stay with other participants.
  • NO DOGS should be brought along by participants in Bubble Rush and spectators must not take dogs on the course. This includes dogs that can be carried. This is in the best interest of all participants and your family pet. However, please note that Bubble Rush events take place in a public place and there may be dogs off the lead that belong to walkers in the area that are unconnected to the event.
  • Bubble Rush involves a level of sustained physical activity. Participants make the decision to take part and must be satisfied that this activity is suitable for them as individuals. Neither the event organiser nor its affiliates can be held accountable for aggravation to illness or injury sustained due to participation in this activity.
  • Participants are recommended to seek advice from their medical practitioner prior to taking part in this event and make provisions to ensure their safe participation.
  • We recommend that you do not take part if you are, or think you might be, pregnant.
  • Participants are asked to come equipped with whatever necessary clothing, medication and nourishment is required to enable enjoyable and safe participation in this activity.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to come suitably dressed for the event. The event organisers take no responsibility for loss or damage to any shoes or clothing or other personal possessions.
  • British weather is known to be changeable, so be aware that conditions may be bright and sunny or cold, wet and windy. Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day. We suggest you bring a change of clothes for the journey home.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at the event. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, whether consumed prior to commencement or during the event. This is done in order to prevent risk to the safety and enjoyment of yourself and others.
  • We welcome wheelchair users, prams and pushchairs, however, the route will include grass and paths which could be uneven, wet, muddy or slippery and challenging in places, therefore we advise you check your chair can accommodate this and you may wish to bring someone along to help. Please ensure that you have taken this into consideration before booking, if you would like further information please contact the organiser prior to booking, for more details.
  • The Event Organiser reserves the right to update its terms and conditions in relation to any Bubble Rush event at any time prior to the event. All participants will be provided with any updated terms and conditions in advance of the event as part of the Event Day Information or on the day of the event.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please

do not hesitate to contact the Fundraising Team on 01323 434241

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