Our Retail Communications volunteer, Georgia Hendry, wrote a fair few blogs while she was working with our retail and communications teams over the summer.

Between terms at university, she shared her experience of volunteering and what stands out for her and other young people volunteering around St Wilfrid's. 

"Whether it’s the Street’s Cafe, the Donation Centre, or one of the seven shops; whenever I walk in to St Wilfrid’s I can always hear laughter. That fulfilling sound of happiness is one of the many reasons why I enjoy volunteering for the hospice and why absolutely everyone should be getting involved too."

"Recent reports have shown that the number of young people (aged 16-24) volunteering has increased in the last decade, which is great to hear because we are the next generation who are going to be keeping the hospice moving forward. However, the hospice itself lacks younger voices and we need to encourage more to come and be part of such a high spirited environment!"

"Volunteering for St Wilfrid’s comes with a whole list of benefits! For example, it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends for life, it can be flexible to suit you, and we’ve got a lot of good bakers here who are frequently treating us to cakes and sausage rolls!"

"It develops your skills, increasing job prospects, and by giving your time to us, you are helping the hospice to provide free, end of life care, offering the feeling that you are giving back and making a difference!"

"Not everyone volunteers for the same reason and that’s what makes it so unique. I spoke to a couple of our young volunteers to see why they get involved."

Matthew, 18 and Anisa, 20

Matthew volunteers at the Donation Centre for his universal credit. He’s only been volunteering for a month but he says “it’s definitely boosted my confidence”.

Anisa is an aspiring dietician who has been volunteering for the last three years to gain healthcare experience. She started at the end of her first year in college and now comes back between university terms.

 “I think young people tend not to volunteer because it possibly doesn’t cross their minds if they’ve never had an experience with the hospice like me and you or an older person”, “the young clinical volunteer programme is great, it wasn’t around when I applied so maybe there should be more programmes and that would encourage younger volunteers.” Volunteering for St Wilfrid’s “makes me feel good about myself at the end of the day and I would have felt like I had wasted the summer otherwise”.  

My Story

St Wilfrid’s has been part of our family for a few years now as my mum is the Hair and Beauty Coordinator for the Streets Ahead salon. I’ve always got involved for example by helping out as a steward at the Reindeer Rush or by running across hot coals!

My mum absolutely loves her job and couldn’t praise it enough, so it seemed a no brainer to try and get work experience with the communications team for my university course studying Fashion Communication and Promotion (FCP). Not only am I gaining valuable experience and skills for the future, but there’s also a feeling that I’m making a difference and giving back.

My role requires me to work closely with other volunteers, which is not only helping me to develop my communication skills, but I’ve also enabled me to meet so many great people and I’ve only been here for a month!

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do and without them we couldn’t provide our services to patients and their families.

We’re not just a team, we’re more like a family and we’re always looking for new faces. If you’re interested in joining us just have a click through our volunteering pages on our website at https://www.stwhospice.org/how-do-i-volunteer-info