In December, Sam and Clare Walker opened their new flooring showroom, Walker on Flooring in Eastbourne’s South Street. With the opening of the showroom, they decided that they would like to donate a percentage of each sale to St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Two weeks after opening, the lockdown meant that they had to temporarily close, but now we have finally been able to visit them and find out why it means so much to them to support the hospice.

Walker on Flooring's brand-new showroom in South Street, Eastbourne

Sam has been in the trade for over 20 years and has built the business up from scratch. Being incredibly family-orientated, him and Clare had always dreamt of having a family-run business and during the first lockdown the perfect opportunity came up.

‘At the beginning of the lockdown I was made redundant and our daughter Megan had decided not to go to university,’ Clare explained. ‘Sam sat me down one evening and said “it couldn’t be a better time. You’re out of a job, Megan’s looking for work - let’s give it a go”. Within the same week we came and looked at this place and we knew it was perfect.

‘It was a family project. Everyone came and helped us to gut it and redecorate. It felt special doing it all together; it was built with love.’

A family project: the hand prints of everyone who helped get the showroom ready

‘It’s been fantastic to finally open because a lot of the locals have been watching us do the shop up and have seen its progress, so they’ve been coming in and saying “we’ve been waiting for you!” It’s been lovely.’

It is clear how much their family mean to them, and their community too, and it’s for this reason why they decided to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

‘The hospice has helped a lot of our family members so much, and the work that the hospice does is amazing,’ Clare said. ‘We had a family relation who stayed on the Inpatient Unit. At that time of their life it would have been horrible, but by going into the hospice and it being such a different experience to what they expected made such a difference. With every job and sale we make, we will be giving a percentage to the hospice so that we can help that care to continue and the Fundraising Team are also going to give us a collection pot for the showroom so that our customers can make a donation if they’d like to.

‘My mum works on the Michelham ward in Eastbourne District General Hospital, and she sees lots of things, so I know it’s not a job that everyone can do. To be there to support people who are seriously ill is an amazing thing to do.’

We are so grateful to the family for their generosity and we wish them all the success. If you would like to find out more about the services they offer, or visit their beautiful showroom, full details can be found at

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