It is true to say that nobody likes the thought of anyone feeling lonely or isolated. Sadly, however, this is something many of us hear on a daily basis from our patients. Our Community Volunteering Manager, Nikki, has therefore come up with an idea that may help this problem.

In August, Nikki asked St Wilfrid’s staff if they knew any children who would like to create a picture of a sunflower, which will then be given to patients on the Inpatient Unit. So far we have had a fantastic response and you can see some of the examples below.

Age 7

Age 12

Nikki said: ‘I have been in awe of the pictures that I have received from children so far! This all started because I wanted to find a creative way to reduce loneliness and isolation of our patients and if this idea helps alleviate these feelings, even for a moment, then I think its definitely worth a go.’

Do you know a child that could create a picture of a sunflower for one of our patients? Every child who draws a picture of a sunflower for a patient will receive a personalised thank you card.

All sunflowers can either be photographed and emailed to Nikki at [email protected] or posted to Nikki at St Wilfrid’s Hospice, 1 Broadwater Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 9PZ.