Between the 8th and 14th February, we are celebrating Student Volunteering Week and the wonderful students who volunteer at St Wilfrid’s. For students, volunteering is a great opportunity to grow your transferable skills and expand your CV, and it is for this reason why Lily McGregor chose to volunteer at St Wilfrid’s.


Lily has been a Host volunteer on the hospice’s Inpatient Unit since July 2020, but before this she had been volunteering at our Community Shop in Terminus Road for a year. At the start of 2020, she had initially applied for the Young Clinical Volunteer scheme as she hopes to go into medicine after her A Levels, however, due to the pandemic this was unfortunately cancelled and the Host volunteer role was offered to her instead.

‘I usually do the afternoon shift, from 12pm to 4pm,’ she tells us. ‘When we begin the shift, we transfer over with the Hosts from the previous shift to see if patients have needed anything or if they have had their lunch orders taken. We then deliver the food to the patients and go around offering them drinks, having a chat with them and just being of general assistance.’

Although working in a shop, pricing, labelling and hanging clothes seems poles apart from assisting patients on an Inpatient Unit, in both situations Lily has been able to develop skills such as communication, team work and time management, which she can take forward to university and future jobs.

Terminus Road Community Shop, Eastbourne

We asked Lily what she enjoys about volunteering for St Wilfrid’s and why she thinks it’s important for young people to volunteer. She said: ‘I do really enjoy it. I’ve met so many different people who I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t volunteering at the hospice. It was the same in the shop, I met half of Eastbourne!

‘Volunteering is really important for young people, because not only do you learn so many skills from it, but it’s such a humbling experience. Before, I think I was quite close-minded about what a hospice was and thought it was just where people went to die, but I was surprised at how many people were there for respite or made a recovery. It’s also taught me a lot about communicating with patients and families.’

If you would like to volunteer for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, please contact our Voluntary Services team via email at: [email protected]