Our Starlight Stroll has been an inspiring event ever since it begun in 2015, with hundreds of people taking the time to remember their loved ones in a huge community gathering centred around the Redoubt Fortress and the stunning Italian Gardens, with Eastbourne seafront providing a ribbon of connection between them.

Matt Kuchta - Starlight Stroll 2018 group shot

This year we were overjoyed to see so many of you join us. We expected maybe 600 walkers. Instead we got 1,100. We are so immensely grateful for our incredible community, who warmup-danced with Swoove With Maria, were regaled by More Radio and hugged, cried and thought of loved ones in the stillness and moonlit beauty of the Italian Gardens, just a few metres from the gently lapping waves below Eastbourne's magnificent cliffs.

We've gathered photos taken by our talented group of photographers including volunteers Tom Lynn and Matt Kuchta, who have continued with their amazing work from prior years. We thank them as well as all of the 100+ volunteers who helped make this unique night shine like the stars.

To view our gallery of portraits from the night click here:

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