We were excited when we received an email from Eileen Reeve, who has worked in hospice and end of life care for the last 14 years, asking if we could send some of our #BeerChat beer mats to use in her upcoming TEDx talk on facing our fear of death and dying well. 

Of course, we were more than happy to oblige, and we were excited to see them mentioned in 'Everybody's Got One,' which teaches us to treat death not as a failure, but an inevitable life change. 

The beer mats were originally produced for 2018's Dying Matters Week, and feature questions like 'How will you be remembered' and 'How would you like your funeral to be,' and were distributed to local pubs and hotels to make those scary conversations less scary. They were shortlisted for a Dying Matters Innovation Award.

You can view Eileen's excellent, thought-provoking talk below.