One of our participants in Saturday's KAPOW! was battling particularly tough circumstances as she crossed the finish line. Sonya has spent some time at St Wilfrid's as a Wellbeing patient, having been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016.

A pillar of her local sports team, the amazing 
Seaford Rugby Football club - Ladies, she has supported her friends and community for years - her nickname is 'Nana' as her wisdom and support have been invaluable for years.

The Club have supported her with fundraisers for the hospice before but today they put in a huge effort and took Sonya through the whole KAPOW course - wheelchair and all!

Commenting on our Facebook page, Sonya said:

'I have had such an amazing day and I'm so proud of my friends and family for their help and support. For as long as I can physically take part and raise money then that’s what gives me strength and purpose. Thank you for making it a fun day.'

We couldn't be more proud to see this amazing support for a patient and we're so glad that Sonya and the team are still doing so much to support others.

Sonya explained a bit more about her condition on her JustGiving page

'On the 10th December 2016 I was taken to A and E with extreme stomach pains which I thought we're related to me being ceoliac. After hours of tests I was told I had terminal lung cancer which had also spread to my liver and spine. A numbness washed over me but I had to ask the long have I got? The consultant replied "Statistically, you may not see next Christmas." 

In that instant i knew my whole world would be turned upside down and my first sad thought was that I wasn't going to be around for my future grandchildren. I have had good and bad days physically, emotionally and mentally. I won't be able to play rugby ever again but I am still going to get my kit on and get on that pitch and kick that bloody cancer into touch! 

Recently I've spent some respite time at St Wilfrid's Hospice so they could monitor my medication and find the balance of pain control. At first I admit I was apprehensive about going but I had such a positive experience staying there. The staff were empathic, supportive, genuinely caring, kind and friendly people. Spending time there has helped me so much in so many different ways and I am very grateful they are able to provide this service for people in my condition.'