Each week we continue to share seven things that have put smiles on our faces over the past week, because smiling can boost your mood when you're feeling blue. 

Without further ado, let's see what what made us happy this week.

1. Seeing all of the pictures and videos of our #DogsofStWilfrids #CatsofStWilfrids and even #PigsofStWilfrids this week has put smiles on our faces!

Juliet with Rosemary Pig - the size of a two seat sofa and approximately 25 stone!

2. Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice shared an act of kindness that meant a lot to them on Twitter last week. They had received a delightful letter from their youngest supporters, along with some painted rocks to brighten up the patients’ days.

3. Throughout the week many of you have been sharing the lovely rainbow art that you have been putting in your windows to cheer up your families and others walking by. It's certainly cheered us up!

4. While Councillor Helen Burton was delivering the community newspaper, Eastbourne Voice, last Monday, a member of staff in Waitrose kindly gave her a bunch of flowers. ‘Random acts of kindness could keep us all going in these difficult times,’ she said. 

5. The community spirit and #SpiritofStWilfrids has been alive this week with some amazing donations to the hospice from local companies. The View Hotel donated fresh produce to our kitchens, B&Q, in Marshall Road, donated some lovely pots with daffodils & tulips and Waitrose, in Old Town, donated an incredible selection of beautiful flowers. A big thank you to all of you!

6. When we shared our last 'Seven happy things from the past week' blog post, you were all brilliant at sharing what has made you happy during the last few days on the St Wilfrid's Community Facebook group! It is so important to share the little things, as well as the big things. 

7. Last, but certainly not least, Siobhan Goodwin has been sharing 'Kitty's quarantine capers' - the daily life in quarantine of her and her daughter’s kitty cat. From planting forget-me-nots, to having a go at painting a masterpiece, Kitty has definitely been making the most of their time at home! 

As we said last week, it would be great to see the things that make you smile too. Share them on the Community Facebook group to put a smile on other people's faces as well!