As we entered a month in lockdown last week, we continued to stay positive and stand as a community. Here's the seven things that have put a smile on our faces over the past week. 

1. This crocheted rainbow was spotted in Eastbourne last week. A lot of hard work must have gone in to it and it’s lovely to see our community getting so creative in these tougher times.

2. Speaking of creativity, on Wednesday we received a message from Karen Simpkins, who had shared some photos of her beautifully coloured-in St Wilfrid’s doves, which she has displayed in her front window to show her support for the hospice. Thank you for all of the support Karen! If you would like to colour in your own dove, click here for your printable template.  

3. It was great to see Hurst Road in Eastbourne on BBC South East Today last week. Photographer and resident, Sarah Bennett, has been documenting how the street have gone from being strangers to becoming a community, one gentlemen was playing the accordion and Leah Hallinon, who is currently studying at the Royal College of Music and has previously performed at the hospice, has been practising her flute in her front garden for all her neighbours to hear.

4. Wish Hill Gardening mowed a tribute to the NHS in the lawn of the Hydro Hotel on Thursday and it looks brilliant.

5. Last week’s clap for our key workers came with a twist for St George’s Day. Many people dressed up in red and white, along with many other colours of the rainbow to represent the diversity in our community. Kath Boak and her neighbours were part of this spin on our new weekly tradition and said 'Our block of flats and the one next door always sing a song after the clapping. We’ve had ‘We’ll meet again’, then ‘We shall overcome’, and this week when things were looking brighter, we had ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’.’

6. Many of you took on the 2.6 Challenge, or an alternative marathon, in spirit of the 40th London Marathon that was due to take place on Sunday. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved and raised money on behalf of the hospice and we wish you luck for the real thing in October!

7. It’s been so nice to see our local community getting behind us and donating not only PPE, but other items as well, such as flowers and food items, to keep our staff and volunteer morale boosted. One of these was LWC Drinks, who donated a palette load of refreshments, which was very well received and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for continuing to share in our Community group on Facebook and for continuing to put smiles on all of our faces. 

We are truly grateful for all of your support so far, but if you would like to leave a donation, no matter how big or small, please click the button below.

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