This week we bring you seven more stories that have brought smiles to our faces over the past week, including a couple of throwbacks and a national fundraiser gone global. 

1. The Atkinson family from Eastbourne have started a fun game to spontaneously give drinks, cakes and chocolate to emergency workers, called ‘hits’, when they are parked up around town. The workers ‘smiles have been priceless’ and a member of the ambulance crew wrote on Facebook, ‘Massive thank you to the lady who has just hit us. Had a very draining job, physically and emotionally, earlier in the shift. This has really picked us both up.’

2. Many of our supporters have been sharing photos of their 2020 St Wilfrid’s pin badges arriving over the last couple of days. It is great to see so many of you ordering them and continuing to show your support for the hospice; now more than ever we need to stand together and keep the spirit of St Wilfrid’s alive. If you would like to order a pin badge, click here

3. McFly recorded a special version of their song ‘All About You’ in support of the NHS. The video features cameos from Tom Fletcher’s kids, Buzz, Buddy and Max, Danny Jones’ son, Cooper, Harry Judd’s two children and wife, Izzy, playing violin, and even Dougie Poynter’s chickens! The song was originally recorded for Comic Relief in 2005, so it is great to see it still raising money 15 years later!

4. Captain Tom Moore has now raised an incredible £26 million for the NHS and eight year old school girl, Reegan Davies, has set up a campaign to encourage others to make birthday cards for his 100th birthday and share them on social media, tagging #makeacardfortom. Reegan’s mum is then making a montage of all the cards to send to Captain Tom’s son, which I am sure he will greatly appreciate. 

5. Over the weekend, many of our favourite artists, such as Elton John, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and Little Mix, came together (virtually) for the One World Together at Home concert. It raised a total of $127 million, which will be shared between the World Health Organisation and charities such as food banks and housing providers across the world. 

6. The 'All on the Board' account on Instagram shared a board saying ‘Life doesn’t always go to plan, just keep going and do what you can, love yourself and be your biggest fan.’ They regularly share heartwarming messages, so give them a follow if you want to bring a bit of happiness to your day! 

7. Finally, for all those who grew up with Dick and Dom in da Bunglow, the pair shared a video on Facebook of them playing Isolation Bogies! Sometimes the happiest of moments are the ones that are nostalgic. 

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to share happy moments in our St Wilfrid's community group on Facebook, let's keep it up! 

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