Today we are continuing to share the seven things that have put smiles on our faces over the past week, including the lovely sunshine that we had last week and the long Easter weekend. 

1. Helen Perry shared a photo in the St Wilfrid's community group last week of some painted stones she had seen. The stones were addressed to Nanas and Grandad’s everywhere, with a message saying that ‘cuddles will come… bigger and better’, what a lovely message!

2. A gentleman in Cork, Ireland, has been projecting classic films on to the side of his house for all of his street to watch. All of the donations went to the Age Action charity and Clare Keogh on Twitter said that it ‘made us all feel a little less alone.’

3. Jim Pyle shared his wife, Natalie, beautifully singing ‘Over the Rainbow’ outside their home this weekend. You can see the full video on the community group page. Jim and Natalie own Full Beam Productions and have performed at the hospice before, so we are so pleased that they can continue to share their talent with our supporters even in the most unusual of circumstances.

4. Although this Easter weekend was an unusual one, it was lovely to see the sun shining and to have some time to relax over the long weekend. The hospice had some lovely donations of Easter chocolate from Grand Flowers and Morrisons!

5. Speaking of Easter eggs, it was lovely to see the winners of our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt with their prizes! Thank you to everyone who took part.   

6. Gabrielle Yetter shared a beautiful story from her neighbourhood. As they were taking a walk, they came across a bench with a note from a young girl, named Phoebe, to her Nana. When they came past again, another note had appeared from a gentleman, asking whether it would be okay for him to sit on her nana’s bench and listen to the birds too.

7. It was great to see some of you starting to colour in the St Wilfrid’s dove templates. If you would like to colour your own, follow this link -

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to share happy moments in our St Wilfrid's community group on Facebook, let's keep it up! 

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