Trisha will be taking on the iconic Beachy Head Marathon this October in memory of her friend, Salim, who died at St Wilfrid’s Hospice in May this year. She shared her story with us. 

‘I have been running on and off for 15 years and I took part in the Brighton Marathon a couple of years ago. I think Beachy Head will be a completely different ball game, as it’s much steeper!

‘Although Salim was already a family friend, we became much closer through running together. We used to run for an hour along Eastbourne seafront and chat about anything and everything. 

‘He was such an amazing guy who had such good values and was a brilliant listener. He also helped build my confidence with running with others as until that point I didn't think I was a very good runner and would just hold people back if I went running with them! 

‘When Salim died he requested that family and friends made a donation to St Wilfrid’s, and sadly, a family member has spent a couple of nights at the hospice since then. I heard about the amazing support both received, which is why I wanted to raise money for St Wilfrid’s. 

‘When I first registered for the race I did think “what have I signed myself up for!” but I’m so pleased I did; it’s given me a reason to get back into running and I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition, too. 

‘I run a lot in the forest, and I’ve been training on the Downs; it’s going really well so far, I ran 12 miles at the weekend and I’m hoping to make it to 14 this week!

‘I go out running with a friend’s dog, Tiggy, she’s named after Tigger from Winnie the Pooh as she jumps very high! She’s also helping to keep me on track!

‘’I got the chance to visit the hospice for the first time last week. I had a cup of tea in the café and looked around the gardens as well. 

‘It was good to finally see the place I had heard so many amazing things about.

'Knowing that I’m running for St Wilfrid’s is such a motivator when things get hard - it feels like I’m doing everything for a reason.’ 

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The Beachy Head Marathon returns this year on 26th October. If you are running for St Wilfrid's Hospice - or would like to - let our Fundraising team know at [email protected] or phone 01323 434241 to see how we can support you.