St Wilfrid’s is excited at the prospect of welcoming some feathered friends to its gardens this spring after Bird Brick Houses donated five of their bespoke bird boxes to the hospice!

Bird Brick Houses was co-founded by Duncan and Jenny McCutchan in 2013 and creates brick-matched bird houses that seamlessly blend into the host wall to provide a permanent nesting site for birds.  

The company grew out of Duncan’s - who is a builder by trade - frustration with the lack of access for birds in most buildings and a recognition that new ways of nurturing and protecting wildlife for this generation and the next need to be found.

The company, which is based in East Sussex, has been featured on Countryfile and worked with Cambridge University and Great Ormond Street Hospital and supplies bird and bat boxes across the UK, but was keen to do more locally.

As Jenny explains: ‘Several family members were cared for at the hospice. St Wilfrid’s has touched so many people, and so it was a really big thing for us to install the boxes at the hospice.

‘Bird boxes and being around wildlife are closely linked to wellbeing. St Wilfrid’s already had some bird feeders but the boxes, which are incorporated into the hospice building itself, will bring patients even closer to the birds; it will give them something to watch and interact with and hopefully provide a lot of enjoyment.’

Jenny said that the boxes should be taken up soon and that at this time of year we can expect to see blue tits, great tits and sparrows, which are in decline.

Fortunately, the boxes have been installed just in time for breeding season; they can be found in the wall facing the Wellbeing garden (front of the hospice) and in the central courtyard. We’re hoping they will provide both a comfortable home for birds and enjoyment for patients and visitors alike over the coming months.