Margaret Turton and her family have always been creative; her sister is a graphic designer, her brother is a photographer, and their mother, Joan, is into handcrafts. Margaret herself has a degree in Graphic Design and has also been painting for the past twenty years. In fact, Margaret has donated one of her beautiful paintings, ‘Shadows Across the Park’, to our Online Auction.

‘Shadows Across the Park’ was painted a few years ago and inspired by the replanted trees in Gildredge Park, after the Great Storm in 1987 brought all of the original trees down. This is one of her larger acrylic paintings, as she usually paints in watercolour. Margaret has lived in Eastbourne for most of her life and often played in Gildredge Park as a child. Her and her husband’s first home was close to the park as well, so it is a place that means a lot to her.

Margaret chose to donate this painting to our Online Auction after seeing some of our auctions in the past and had always wondered how she could offer something. Since Margaret’s father in law died in the hospice in June, and with her mum, Joan, being a patient in the Inpatient Unit, she felt like now was a good time to get involved.

‘I want to get involved and help,’ she told me, ‘I think it’s good to have creative skills, because you can offer something unique.’

Over the years, she has produced many other beautiful paintings, such as local scenery and historical buildings, and even a lake in Sweden, so I asked her why she chose to donate this painting in particular.

‘Many of my paintings are of the local area - I have one of a beach groin, which is in Eastbourne, but it could be any beach. This one was more recognisable and I felt that it would connect more with Eastbourne people.’

Joan has also kindly donated an embroidery piece to the auction. Embroidery has been a craft that Joan has always loved; she used to attend the Sewing Group before our Wellbeing Centre had to temporarily close and Joan was admitted to our Inpatient Unit.

The intricate picture, comprised of tiny cross stitches and embellishment, really is a one of a kind piece. Donating it to the hospice is her small token of gratitude towards the work of the hospice Nurses.

We would like to say a big thank you to both Margaret and Joan for these wonderful donations, and for supporting the hospice at this time. You can bid on both of these lovely pieces, along with lots of other fantastic lots, here - but be quick! It finishes at 6pm on Sunday 26th July.