Maxine always put her daughter, Lola, first but was struggling with balancing working, studying at the University of Brighton and raising her young girl. 

A hard choice was ahead of her - lose the money and focus on studying, delay the studies and earn a little more?

But Maxine had put aside a little money to support St Wilfrid's Hospice through the Local Hospice Lottery and her small investment helped her at a tough moment. Whilst on holiday after Christmas in Tenerife, Maxine received a call from the hospice telling her that she had won the £18,000 rollover in our Lottery.

Maxine had joined the Lottery in September when a canvasser knocked on her door and she decided to support the patients and their families that are cared for by St Wilfrid’s through this straightforward donation method. 

Maxine is now able to focus on her studies in Applied Psychology without worrying too much about money, knowing that Lola will be able to enjoy more time with her mum!

If Maxine's story has inspired you and you would like to join the Hospice Lottery please contact us.