Eastbourne painter, Mark Curryer has always had a keen interest in art. He studied three-dimensional design at Eastbourne Art College, but it wasn’t until 2016, after being made redundant, that he turned his hobby into a full-time job.

Mark Curryer

Mark specialises in atmospheric cityscapes of locations such as London and New York. He works with acrylic paint on a newspaper-covered board and uses alternative tools such as rollers, scrapers and cocktail sticks instead of a paint brush. This unconventional method not only adds texture, but also creates ambience. Mark’s work often captures a city in the rain, particularly at night, and he is fascinated by how the bright city lights are reflected in this weather.

‘Before I start, I cover one side of the board with newspaper to build the texture. I mostly use the Eastbourne Herald after my wife has finished the crossword, but I’ve had opportunities where I’ve been flown to another country such as Poland and I’ve used their local newspaper,’ he told us.

'The New Yorker'

‘When you see my work at first glance, from quite a way back, people see the location I’ve painted and they often point it out to their friends, and you hear them saying “do you remember when we went there and did that?”. When you start to come closer though, you can see the texture and sometimes the newspaper behind. You can particularly see it in my piece of Times Square.’

'All the lonely people' (left) and 'Familiar Chaos' (right)

Mark’s work has sold all over the world, including New York, Canada and Malaysia just to name a few. This month, his art will be featured in his hometown as he has kindly donated five of his favourite pieces to St Wilfrid’s Hospice’s art exhibition: ‘All the lonely people’, ‘Camden Town’, ‘Familiar Chaos’, ‘Rooftops of London’ and ‘The New Yorker’.

St Wilfrid’s is a charity close to Mark’s heart, as he has had several relatives and friends under the hospice’s care.

‘It’s fantastic to be asked to take part in the exhibition,’ he said. ‘It means so much to me because it’s a local charity and a charity I have a personal connection with.’

'Camden Town' (left) and 'Rooftops of London' (right)

The St Wilfrid’s Hospice art exhibition is on display in the hospice until Wednesday 6th October, from 10am to 5pm daily. The art on display is also available to bid on online at jumblebee.co.uk/stwilfrids40thanniversaryartauction and all proceeds will help fund end of life care for our patients and their families both at the hospice and in the community.