The hospice’s Open Gardens season is now in full bloom and there’s more beautiful gardens to look forward to!

For the first time ever, all five of the hospice’s unique gardens will be opened up to the public with guided tours from our resident gardener, Kevin.

Kevin and his team of volunteers have been working hard to make sure the gardens look their best ahead of their opening on 3rd July, and Mabel the Dog was lucky enough to be granted a sneak peek of what’s been going on as a VIP (Very Impawtant Puppy).

She took time to appreciate the carefully-cultivated forget-me-nots and grape hyacinths in raised planters, which she said were a ‘wise’ choice as they allow for better drainage and are also great at keeping out any creatures which might prefer eating the plants to admiring them.

Mabel was excited to put her world-famous hole-digging skills to good us by helping to till a patch of the garden at least ten times her size to prepare it for planting.

She said that it was very enjoyable but didn’t understand why Kevin needed to use a machine for it when she could do it in half the time.

Utterly exhausted by all of the hole-digging, Mabel took a moment to enjoy some quiet thought (and to clean her paws) by the hospice’s reflection pool for quiet contemplation.

She said that it did give her the space to consider ‘what happens to us after we die,’ but that deciding between squeezy cheese and sausage pieces as the superior treat was beyond her capabilities for that day.

Mabel said that if the hospice’s other gardens are even half as beautiful then visitors are in for a real treat!

St Wilfrid’s five gardens will be open to view on Wednesday 3rd July, 11am to 4pm. Spaces are limited so phone 01323 434280 to reserve your £5 ticket.