Lauren Chambers has been a Trustee for St Wilfrid’s for around two years and recently took on a fundraising challenge for the hospice. 

As part of the 2.6 Challenge, which was put together by some of the UK’s biggest sports event organisers, including the London Marathon, Lauren’s challenge was to not eat chocolate, sweets, or cake, or drink alcohol for 26 days. She also ran 26 miles over that period and spent 26 minutes each day doing yoga, Pilates, or a workout - ‘my husband got to pick which one he wanted to torture me with!’

‘I hate running, so that was tough, and the lack of chocolate and gin was tough too, especially when I’d had a good result at work that I wanted to celebrate. I didn’t feel I could complain too much though, as people are going through much tougher times and everyone at St Wilfrid’s are doing much greater work.

‘Matt, my husband, was great and mainly didn’t eat any chocolate in front of me, which helped!

‘As soon as I had my first donation I knew that I couldn’t break the promise I’d made and I wanted to be able to raise as much as possible, so I just had to be strict,’ Lauren told us when we asked how she had kept herself motivated for so long. ‘People also left such lovely messages when they made their donation. They were all so supportive of the hospice and what you are all doing there.’

After being so strict with herself, Lauren definitely deserved to celebrate once the challenge was over. ‘Matt brought me a chocolate éclair and a trifle and I ate them in about two seconds. I’m a little worried that I might not stop!’

Lauren said that overall she really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again, and would also encourage others to try and take on a challenge of their own; ‘It’s great to be able to do something for your local charity and the support and encouragement that you get from people absolutely makes it worth while.’

If you would like to raise money for St Wilfrid’s, visit the ‘Can you help?’ pages on our website for a whole range of ideas, or if you have your own idea that you would like to share with us, drop our Fundraising team a line at [email protected].