Laura recently smashed the £10,000 mark with her fundraising in honour of her Dad (Paul) since his death in 2011. We interviewed her recently in regards to some of her latest fundraising and to talk about what her Dad's life meant to her.

'My Dad (Paul) died in 2011 just 3 days after his 56th birthday. His death has affected all aspects of my life, the feeling of loss and living without a beloved parent has changed the way I think, feel and behave enormously. I have felt the grief but also gratitude towards the hospice that provided his end of life care for 8 weeks.

The care, compassion and holistic approach they gave made those weeks more bearable. As a family we were invited to make the hospice our home too and we spent days and eventually nights there cherishing our final time with Dad.

Paul was very level-headed, always providing the voice of reason as well as being a very fair and much loved man by all that knew him. You could always have a laugh with him. His tenacious and stoical approach allowed him to fight until the very end.

The hospice went above and beyond on numerous occasions and was very dedicated in providing the best care for him. I felt that we were able to trust them as we knew that Dad was cared for properly. We were informed in all aspects of his care and condition. During that time I had my first baby and the hospice welcome a tiny new-born into the mix! Their care enabled me and my relatives to remain a family with as opposed to us to becoming his carer which he did not want.

One of my favourite memories of Dad before he became ill was when we had family holidays in the Lake District and in Spain growing up. We also had a trip to Thailand just before he became ill. Dad always loved to travel and was always so passionate about where he had been. My favourite hospice memory was of him cuddling my new born daughter, he fought hard to meet her.

After Dad’s death we decided to take up a running challenge each year alongside other events such as cake sales and my brother’s golf charity day. Me and my partner Rich have always enjoyed running and find it quite therapeutic, so it felt right to just keep on running but for a good cause. It has been challenging training as we have 3 small children and both work. Recently we have just smashed the £10,000 mark and we aren’t going to stop there. The care that the hospice gave when Dad was ill will never be forgotten, which is why we want to help raise as much money for the hospice to help provide care to others that may need it in the future.

It's a special place that provides excellent care to patients and their families at the most devastating of times.  It appears as though I have inherited my lovely Dad's determination as we reached a huge total I didn't think possible

It is very important to me to keep doing things in his memory.  He was the most amazing man and we miss him fiercely every single day. 

So this year Rich ran the Brighton Marathon on the 15th April and did really well, with friends and family across the 26 miles to cheer him on. 6 weeks later he passed the baton to me and I ran a 15 mile trail run from Newhaven Harbour to Brighton Marina and back on the 28th May.

Training is not easy with our little tribe (in fact I haven't started-which is freaking me out!).  We know many of you have sponsored us over the years and our gratitude knows no bounds.  If you can spare a few pennies this year - I can assure you it is a worthy cause.'

Donate to Laura's Tribute Fund in memory of her Dad, which has already raised £10,450 for St Wilfrid's Hospice patients.