John is a canvasser for our Local Hospice Lottery team, helping to bring in £1,000s every year to support hospice care. He explains why he joined the team, how he discovered the hospice's work and his motivations for continuing to walk his beat. 

'I began working with the Local Hospice Lottery two years ago, in August 2016.'

'I was working as the facilities officer at St Wilfrid’s at the time. It seems hard to believe but I’d never been in a hospice until four years ago. My brother-in-law was admitted to St Wilfrid's in October 2014 and looked after directly. My first thoughts before entering were that the hospice would be dingy and depressing but it was so open and nice.'

'The care and attention he got were amazing. My sister had great care and access to him throughout which made a huge difference in helping her deal with it all. The care extended to the whole family and we felt like we were listened to.'

'Whether it was getting hair done or chatting with the nurses, there was a feeling of being helped by the whole hospice.'

'I enjoy being my own boss and putting in the time I want to. I enjoy meeting people and the vast majority are lovely – there are lots of positive feelings from people I meet in the community about St Wilfrid’s too!'

'Everyone knows the hospice where I canvas for the lottery and you have so many stories to share with them – and they have stories to share with you. Relatives, friends, neighbours... It makes it so rewarding. People do so many things for the hospice. They can be lottery ticket purchasers, volunteers or even bakers, making cupcakes for a friend’s fundraiser. It’s about helping in the way they can help.'

'The lottery is low costs – just a pound a week – but it makes a big difference. If everyone in the catchment area here in East Sussex gave a pound we could fund the hospice for most of the year!'

'A fortnight ago I met a lady who I thought had won £2,000. She invited me in for a tea and a biccie but it turns out it was her daughter who had picked the winning numbers!'

'The vast majority of people who do it aren’t interested in the money or the prizes. It’s seen as an opportunity to help in an ongoing way. In fact, around 25% of people who win actually end up donating 100% of their winnings back to the hospice! It’s so generous and touching.'

To learn more about joining our Local Hospice Lottery team or playing the lottery yourself, visit our lottery page.