Jemma and Emma’s grandad, George, was cared for by staff and volunteers at St Wilfrid’s for twenty days before he died. His family were saddened but decided to rally around and do something in his name. Hosting and organising a coffee morning at Bodle Street Hall they raised more than £4000 from raffle prizes, homemade cakes and even a silent auction!

‘Our grandad George needed 24 hour round the clock care at home so, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t keep up with it. It was then that we decided we needed help from the hospice. George loved the home care staff - they were incredible. He was losing his eyesight and became easily confused but the nurses and healthcare assistants who visited made sure he was well cared for and safe. The hospice helped us create some lasting memories by helping him stay at home for as long as possible. But we knew it couldn’t last when the hospice had to start visiting us four times a day.

George was a bit reluctant to leave home to come to the hospice but after a few days he settled in and said it was like a hotel! We were a bit sceptical that letting him go into the hospice was the right decision. None of us had been there before and that was a scary feeling.

That changed on the very first day. We saw that the right people were giving George the care he needed. He had plenty of visitors everyday and everyone said the same things about ‘what a beautiful place the hospice was’ and ‘what a fantastic job all the staff do’. The staff not only cared for him, they cared for us as a family too.

We decided to host a coffee morning with the aim of raising a few hundred pounds. We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity before the event - they offered to help by donating things which just kept adding to the day. Somehow we went from cakes and coffee to a silent auction and more!  

On the day we had a few challenges to overcome as it was raining while we were trying to bring things in and cardboard boxes were literally falling apart. The hog roast machine broke and the bar gave way nearly smashing bottles. Despite this near calamity all those who turned up helped us make the day a success - we sold most of our bake sale produce as well as selling 8 books of raffle tickets!

We are planning to do a 27 mile walk in March and another fundraiser in the near future. The hospice did so much for grandad George but they also helped us heal too.’