A cancer survivor for 20 years, Jane Millet donated £50,000 to help us reach thousands of patients!

The Mayor of Eastbourne, Pat Hearn, graciously inaugurated the minibus purchased with this money and cut the ribbon on a new era for hospice accessibility across East Sussex.

Our team was on hand to cheer the launch of this fine new vehicle, as well as honour the memory of the woman who made it all happen.

Jane Millet was a long term sufferer from cancer, whose treatment ran over 20 years and who died in December 2016; she was looked after until the last. We also cared for her mother in this period. For a long time Jane wanted to use her money to buy us a minibus. Her stated goal was to ensure that others with issues accessing our services due to distance, mobility or other causes, would be able to receive the hospice care they needed wherever they were. Jane’s legacy means that we will be able to increase the number of patients who can get the help they need from our hospice team. 

Jane’s name is inscribed on the back door of the minibus on a simple plaque. It is a modest token of the support she has given us and  her legacy lives on in the improvement to so many people’s lives this minibus represents.

As well as Jane’s direct support, we also had the support of others: The Keith Baker Foundation originally funded our Education Suite for nearly £500,000 pounds; the remaining £8,000, helped to fund the purchase of the mini bus. Thanks to this, Keith’s name also appears on the bus.

The Albert Hunt Trust gave us £10,000 for legacy costs such as paying a driver, fuel and maintenance on the minibus. This money means that this tremendous legacy lives on, cared for and caring for others in turn.

Thank you Jane. Your contribution will be remembered by all.